sacramento junk removal
We are a licensed full service cleaning company providing janitorial and junk removal services to residents and commercial properties including but not limited to office buildings, schools, daycare facilities, gyms, recreational facilities, health care facilities, medical offices, shopping centers, industrial complexes, warehouses and construction cleanup.

Originally the owner came from one of the largest junk removal services in the world. The client base varied from all nationalities, from young to old and sometimes unfortunately the deceased. Usually no matter the situation their was always someone that needed some kind of extra help. Being restricted by company limitations and resources he left the company to team up with local affiliates and over time developed a single service into a brand name that provides multiple services.

We use comprehensive checklist and professional supervised crews to ensure quality control.
We have a commitment to personal and professional service and recycling and donating as well as a long standing reputation in the greater Sacramento area as a dynamic forward thinking business dedicated to our clients.